Everything you need to know to write a great college app essay, in this short info-packed guide. Warning: Don't NOT read this!
Many students find it helpful to read essays which other students have submitted in previous years. If you’d like to check out some examples of other students’ essays, google keywords: sample, example, college, application, essay, successful 

2 cautions:
1. Make sure source seems reputable.
2. If you read only one essay, it's likely to get lodged in your noggin, so read at least three or four to get a feel for how other students have approached the essay.


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“I just wanted to let you know that University of North Carolina at Wilmington accepted my application! UNCW considered essays as important as SAT scores and GPA on the application requirement therefore I think my essay helped me stand out more. This was my top choice and I appreciate all of your help!”  -W.E., Raleigh, NC