The Solid Place: A Transformational 365-Day Devotional


One Mom Raves...

"What a gift that devotional is to the world!  My daughter and I have begun reading it on the way to school in the mornings, 7th grade being hard, and her arsenal needing to be filled.  

It gives me the same feeling as when I take time to pack amazing lunch boxes for her with little notes inside them.

When I know it’s equal parts delicious, nourishing, AND fun...I feel strong as a provider for her.  

Thanks for adding to MY arsenal!"

-Kandis Florian

The Solid Place

Our experiences—loss, pain, suffering, trauma—have bullied us into believing lies about who we are, who others are, and who God is.

But we are being invited into another way.
We're liberated as we reject the lies we’ve believed and choose, instead, to claim what is most real and most true.

In the person of Jesus, we hear God’s constant whisper, “I am the one who is with you and for you,” and we recognize the face that does not fail.

This is the voice to listen to. This is the face to trust.