Have you learned how to host a student from a Muslim-majority country who was planning to go home but has been advised not to return home for the summer?

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Michigan, Grand Rapids Area

North Carolina, Triangle Area

​​North Carolina: I (virginia.fitt@gmail.com) am coordinating an effort to find summer hosts for students impacted by the Executive Order and students from Muslim-majority countries who were planning to go home but can't or are being legally advised not to return home for the summer. I am looking for:
(1) Full summer hosts
(2) Partial summer hosts (a few weeks)
(3) Back-up hosts (for a weekend or week to fill in for hosts who are traveling)
Hosting would involve a bed (preferably a bedroom or sleeper sofa), basic food (meals with your family) and occasional transportation (to downtown areas, shopping). You can expect students to assist with light housework, light cooking and light/infrequent childcare. (More intensive housework/cooking or childcare arrangements would need to be worked out directly with the student.)
It will be a few months before we need to lock down arrangements (I am in touch with universities), so please email me at virginia.fitt@gmail.com (even if you just think you may be able to assist) and please share with friends.

North Carolina, Coastal Region

California, Southern California