Speaking Topics


Our experiences of loss have bullied us into believing lies about who we are, who others are, and who God is. But we're liberated as we reject the lies we’ve believed and choose, instead, to claim what is most real and most true.

For Women & Girls

​Although we’ve recognized our culture’s preoccupation with an unattainable standard of physical beauty, too often we still try to squeeze ourselves into the world’s death-dealing mold. Experience real relief and new purpose!

For Congregations

​Whether it’s the teen in your neighborhood who has Down Syndrome or the family at Saturday’s soccer game that doesn’t speak English, live out God’s love for folks who've been  on the world’s margins.  

For Parents

​Are you stressed out by Sunday morning games? Should you sign up your seven-year-old son for travel team? Margot unpacks seven myths about what's best for young athletes and offers families practical wisdom.

For College Students

​As someone who’s taken notes on what it is to thrive as we love God & love our neighbors, Margot challenges students to live a life that matters—today and into the future—by making decisions now to pattern their life after Jesus.

For All

​When the Church is more interested in getting a woman to quit her job as a dancer and sit in a pew on Sunday mornings than we are that she truly encounters God's unconditional love, we’ve missed the mark. Love radically!

For All

​Many of us live with the quiet suspicion that we're not good enough. Though we put on a good face, and might even be people full of faith, the deep lingering suspicion of our hearts is that we're not REALLY worth loving. Margot shares that you are entirely accepted and received as you are and not as you should be.

For Outreach

​As Margot shares her story, listeners’ hearts will resonate with her long-held suspicion that she was unworthy of love, either human or divine, after growing up in a home touched by adoption, alcoholism, violence and divorce. Breathe in the transforming reality of a steadfast love that does not fail.

For All

Do not expect something boring. Margot will share stories from the amazing community where her family lives among friends with and without disabilities. (Though that artificial with/without line is so blurry that you might not recognize it at all.) Explore what's possible for your community! 
Don't be shy. If Margot can't travel to you now, we'll add you to our list of interested groups for future visits & collaborations!