Small Things With Great Love

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About the Book

In thirty brief chapters, Margot Starbuck invites you to “choose your own adventure”—one that fits who you are—in authentically loving those around you who are often overlooked.

Yes, she knows: just the thought of adding something more to your life sounds exhausting. But here’s the fantastic truth she’s discovered in her own journey: “We don’t have to add lots more overwhelming activity to what we’ve already got going. The regular stuff of our lives—the commute to work and the potlucks and home improvement projects and errands and play dates—are the exact places in which we express and experience God’s love for a world in need.”

With a list of resources, a study guide and a six-week “Adventure Challenge,” as well as plenty of stories and hilarity from Margot’s own life, Small Things with Great Love will open your eyes to the people around you and the huge impact you can have on them through small acts of love.

“Small things happen when I learn the name of my daughter’s school bus driver,” Margot writes. “Small things happen when I listen to the dreams of a woman who lives in a group home on my block. Small things happen when I risk crossing a language barrier even though I look really stupid doing it.”

And small things add up to big adventures and surprises, for you and others. The biggest surprise of all might be how powerfully God can use you, right in the midst of your walking-the-dog, paying the bills, doing-laundry life, when you’re living out his love. Do the first small thing by opening these pages—and let the adventure begin!

"...dream big and live small..."

"Trying to live out what
Jesus commanded..."

“Margot Starbuck is fun, creative, and sassy. She reminds us to dream big and live small. And her words will dare you to connect your gifts to the brokenness of this world and do something beautiful for God." This book reminds us that God is preparing each of us for something really really - small... and it's small things done with great love that move the world.”
Shane Claiborne
author, activist
“Margot Starbuck is one of the up-and-coming leaders of a generation of Christians who are taking seriously the red letters of the Bible and trying to live out what Jesus commanded his followers to do in His name.

“In this book, Margot deals with how to be a radical follower of Jesus while living what some might say are ordinary lives. Her insights make what is often ordinary living into something extraordinary, if the values of Jesus are implemented in the home and in the workplace.”

Tony Campolo
Professor Emeritus, Eastern University


“Someone finally made caring for others doable! With unparalleled humor, honesty and grace Margot lays out the truth, that most of us care but are often too busy to know what to do. That we don't need to roam the streets of Calcutta to make a difference, we just need to learn the names of people who bag our groceries. She is absolutely spot on, the little things add up so very big. Packed with wisdom and insight from a brilliant writer this book will not guilt you into action. Rather, you will come to find out that each day our lives add up to a million ways to make a difference. Margot recognizes all the varied ages and stages of life we find ourselves in and speaks to them all. As an activist and author who has tried desperately to forge this conversation I'm giddy to know that Margot has absolutely succeeded! I highly recommend this read to anyone who ever comes in contact with another human being, that would be everyone.”

Tracey Bianchi
Pastor, Author