The FREE tools below--an author inventory to get your juices flowing, an annotated template to help you as you go, and a nonfiction book proposal review checklists--will help you write your first nonfiction book proposal!

Author Inventory

A book proposal isn't the place to practice humility. This author inventory helps you brainstorm "selling points" publishers want to see in authors before you sit down to craft your book proposal.
WM Author Inventory.pdf
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Book Proposal Template

A lot of writers wonder which book proposal template they should use to craft their proposal. As long as the proposal includes all the requisite information an agent or publisher needs to make a decision, most aren't particularly picky. However, if a literary agency or publisher offers a proposal template on their site, use that one.

I offer a free downloadable book proposal template, below. Even if you choose another format, this document is annotated with notes to coach you through each of the pieces of the proposal. So it's worth a peek!
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The two guides, below, equip you to review your proposal, or that of a client or colleague, to ensure that it's as strong as it can be. Use whichever one is most useful!

Book Proposal Checklist

This bulleted list helps you (or a friend!) review your proposal with fresh eyes to see if you've included what's most important...

WM Book Proposal CHECKLIST.pdf
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Guide to Edit Book Proposals

This editing guide for nonfiction book proposals helps editors and agents evaluate proposals.

WM Proposal Editing Guide.pdf
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This is what I want
my clients to know...

Your author marketing section is very important to a publisher! Download this sample author marketing section, below, to peek at one author's great one!
Author Marketing Section.pdf
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These books show you how to craft great proposals!

Your collaborative partner has just sent you a draft of the first chapter of your book. What now? Download our guide to help you offer the best kind of feedback to improve your project...
Collaboration Guide_201709_1.pdf
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