Your collaborative partner has just sent you a draft of the first chapter of your book. What now? Download our guide to help you offer the best kind of feedback to improve your project...
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The FREE tools below--an author inventory to get your juices flowing, an annotated template to help you as you go, and a nonfiction book proposal review checklists--will help you write your first nonfiction book proposal!

Author Inventory

A book proposal is not the place to be too humble. This inventory helps you brainstorm "selling points" publishers want to see in authors...

WM Author Inventory.pdf
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Book Proposal Template

Though you don't need to use this template, each section coaches you to know what agents and publishers want to see in each section...

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The two guides below allow you to review your proposal,
or that of a client, to ensure it's as strong as it can be.

Use whichever one is most useful!

Book Proposal Checklist

This bulleted list helps you (or a friend!) review your proposal with fresh eyes to see if you've included what's most important...

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Guide to Edit Book Proposals

This editing guide for nonfiction book proposals helps editors and agents evaluate proposals.

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