Permission Granted: Learning to Live Graciously Among Sinners and Saints

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Ordained as a Presbyterian pastor, and wife of a former pastor, Margot Starbuck had a hunch that authentic love for those who’ve traditionally been marginalized by the Church looked diametrically different than the placard- waving Christians in the media spotlight had made it appear. She wanted to catch a glimpse of the kind of grace that would actually be received by those in bars, strip clubs, a tent community, and at drag queen bingo.

Scouring the Gospels for the Jesus who felt as uncomfortable as she did around disreputable sinners, Margot was surprised to find no record of him there. And though she set out searching for a warm and fuzzy kind of “love,” she ended up encountering the person of Jesus in a way she’s not known him before. Permission Granted is a passionate and liberating call to believers to truly love sinners as Jesus does.

With wit and clarity of insight, Margot shows readers that there are no “special sinners” who are worse or more deserving of contempt and judgment than others, and challenges them to a radical acceptance of sinners.

"love in the tension"

“Please read Permission Granted and let it compel you, as it did me, to love in the tension that exists all around us."
Andrew Marin
author of the award-winning book Love Is an Orientation,

"the whisper of God's love..."

"This is a love story. Margot dares you, provokes you, woos you to imagine the limitless power of grace. On every page you hear the whisper of God's love, and you are invited to become that whisper to the world."
Shane Claiborne
activist, author, lover,

" the heart of this lifestyle..."

"With this book, Margot Starbuck offers specific directives and a host of wonderful stories to back up her message that Christlike loving is not only at the heart of this lifestyle but is the basis of meaningful living."
Tony Campolo
PhD, Professor Emeritus, Eastern University