Not Who I Imagined: Surprised by a Loving God

One reader shares her response to "Not Who I Imagined..."

Dear Margot,
Your book, “Not Who I Imagined,” is changing my life! The face I give God is one that is...

2015 Selah Award Finalist!
Not Who I Imagined

A lot of us live with shame.

We've internalized faces that have convinced us that we're not quite acceptable the way we are.

And despite the Christian gospel of unearned grace, too many of us still believe that we still don’t measure up.
In Not Who I Imagined, Margot Starbuck asks the question, What if God receives me exactly as I am? She explores the unbounded love of God, offering a glimpse of a God whose face is open, kind, gracious and accepts us just as we are.

Right now.

​And isn’t that the most wonderful thing?

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“Margot takes all of the years of guilt inflicted by Christian legalism and replaces it with a message of acceptance, reminding each and every one of us of our true identity: beloved children of a heavenly father.”
Emily T. Wierenga, author of Chasing Silhouettes and Mom in the Mirror
“Many modern Christians falsely portray God as a distant, disapproving, disappointed, disgruntled divinity. But Margot Starbuck pulls back the curtain on what God actually looks like. This book is a breath of fresh air in a world of stale spirituality.”
Jonathan Merritt, author of Jesus Is Better Than You Imagined
“The face of God presented here is one that is so wholly loving and deeply cherishing that it wipes away the chronic fear that lurks deep inside us.”
—Sarah Cunningham, author of The Well Balanced World Changer and Portable Faith
“If you are a ‘good Christian’ who secretly worries that you aren’t quite good enough for God’s love, this book will confound you, delight you, and bring joy to your heart and soul.”
—Amy Julia Becker, author of A Good and Perfect Gift