Because moms trust other moms...

Chanequa Walker Barnes speaks up.

Kathy Khang speaks up.

Margot Starbuck speaks up.

​​​Micky ScottBey Jones is the mom of of two Black sons and a daughter just South of Nashville, Tennessee, and Margot Starbuck is the mom of two sons and a daughter, in Durham, North Carolina, by birth and adoption. One son is white and one is Indian. 
​We recognize that any one of us is only able to experience the world in the skin we're in. We also believe that "moms trust other moms." So in the current social climate affecting the children we love, we believe there's real traction as we discover the realities other moms and families are facing. Our hope is to create a safe space where moms who want to share what it's like to parent their sons today can be heard and that those who want to listen can listen.
JULY 2016: Hey y'all, this is Margot. If you're a white mama, you can't not see this video, at right, from the wise Osheta Moore.
  • Watch it.
  • Lament it.
  • Pray it.
  • Share it.
  • Live it.
During this painful season I am so grateful for the brave wise Osheta, and others like her who speak from their vulnerability so the rest of us can learn.
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What's it like to be raising your son in America today? Your black son? Your white son? Your Latino or Native or Asian son? Because each of us can only experience the world in the skin we're in, we need to hear from other mamas about what it's like to be raising their boys in this time and place.

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