Preparing a Manuscript?

Margot reviews your manuscript and offers valuable feedback--commenting throughout the document--designed to help you meet your publishing goals. (Caution: Make sure you have enough energy left to implement changes after this eval! Margot will offer advice to improve even strong manuscripts!)
Wonder what Margot might say?

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Q: Why Hire Margot?

A: As the author of seven books, and ghostwriter on others, Margot offers valuable publishing experience. She understands what agents and publishers are looking for in projects and in authors. Margot is passionate about effective communication and will guide you in creating the strongest manuscript possible. She'll also shoot straight with you about the viability of your project, as well as suggest how you can increase the likelihood of publication. Margot, holding a Master's of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, engages your faith-based project with thoughtful theological analysis.

Q: Is it worth the money?

A: Margot's clients think so. But a manuscript critique may not be requisite for everyone. You might not need it if:
  • You're an active member of a writing group that's given you great feedback. (That you've actually heeded.)
  • You have an agent who will scour the manuscript before offering it to a publisher.
  • You have a mentor who's a trusted author and will offer you constructive criticism.
If you're wanting to give your manuscript the best chance to succeed, Margot would love to serve you.
"I am so glad to have you involved in the manuscript... I feel you're adding a TREMENDOUS amount of value."

Peter Bierma, writer
"These comments and edits are amazing! It’s just what we needed to take the thoughts we have for the readers to the next level, to really speak to them.”
Elissa Leander Tipps, member of The Sonflowerz and co-author of The Sonflowerz Devotional for Girls
"Margot’s swift and thoughtful responses to my manuscript were just the encouragement and direction I needed in order to move ahead and finish what I started. She's the greatest kind of teacher: the kind that asks the right questions and signals ‘caution!’ at the places that will not work. As I take the next step in this publishing journey I know she's cheering for me, and I'm so grateful she is."
Caroline F. Daniel, author of Searching For Her, But Finding Me

"Your editing is really insightful. I'm so pleased."

Suzie Botross, author of She Will Run