Fine Homebuilding

Why no slides or fire poles in Margot's new home was so very disappointing...
Fine Homebuilding, HERE

Gifted for Leadership

Enjoy a few of the fashion debacles faced daily by women in leadership in the church...
Gifted for Leadership, HERE

Family Fun

Meet Delores, the invisible task-mistress who helped Margot's kids clean up their acts...
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Yahoo Voices

If you're expecting, then expect others to weigh in on the gender of your baby...
Yahoo Voices, HERE

Humor for a Boomer's Heart

Alongside seasoned humorists Anita Renfroe & Bill Cosby, Margot's air nightmare...
Safe Travel.pdf
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Mothers of Preschoolers

Moms know that, sometimes, "vacation" can be anything but...
MOPS International, HERE