​KH, here are questions for JW from JM.  Reminder: Best answers are short, 100-150 words. Nearly impossible, but it keeps readers reading. Will also need headshot. Thx, M
Some Christians were uncomfortable after speakers at an Intervarsity conference spoke fondly of the "Black Lives Matter" movement. What do you think was at the heart of this controversy?
What are your feelings about the Black Lives Matter movement? Do you support it?
You tell a story about race and faith that took place in your life 50 years ago. Recount for us how personal this issue is for you.
You've talk about racism as sin. Most Christians I know--conservative and liberal as well as white, black, and brown--would agree. How is your approach different than theirs?
You talk about race as the problem in America rather than a problem. Why do you elevate it to such a level, and how do you think this will salve the problem?
Do you support the paying of reparations for black Americans--yes or no? Explain.
Many white conservatives say that current conversations on race fail to protect police,who are doing difficult and tricky jobs. How do you respond?
You talk about how white Christians can take the lead on changing "racial geography." But do we really need white Christians to keep "taking the lead?" Isn't it better to empower the minority voices among us to lead?
I hear a lot of people talking about white Christians confronting their white privilege. What does this look like, practically? What are a few steps white Christians can take?