Margot (rhymes with "Gogo"), a graduate of Westmont College and Princeton Seminary, is an award-winning author of more than twenty books. 
The New York Times bestselling collaborator also serves as an editor, word coach, and ghostwriter, helping athletes, overcomers, and entertainers tell their amazing stories.
Margot enjoys speaking to audiences across the country about receiving God's big love for us and sharing it with others.
Margot is convinced that—because God came to be with us and for us, in the person of Jesus—we're invited to be with and for others, especially those on the world's margins. Want to be encouraged to "be loved" and to "be love" in the world? Sign up to receive Margot's Love Letters:
And Margot also adores helping writers who are seeking publication at Wordmelon Resources for Writers.
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Margot is the mama of three young adult humans, by birth and adoption. At home in  Durham, North Carolina, Margot lives in the beautiful North Street Neighborhood built around friends with disabilities. She is passionate about racial justice, and believes there's real traction for understanding when moms listen to other moms. On Saturday mornings you can find Margot rollerskating on American Tobacco Trail, listening to Earth, Wind, and Fire.