Margot partners with publishers and communicators as a freelance editor to craft the best books possible.

Highlighting strengths and areas for improvement, Margot delivers publishers and authors an action plan equipping them to succeed.
​“Margot Starbuck is one of my favorite freelance editors. She is quick, bright, creative and a wonderful asset on every book project she’s a part of.  I have the utmost confidence in her assessment of a project and her ability to communicate what is needed – both to the author and the publisher."

Carolyn McCready, Executive Editor, Zondervan Publishers
​"Seriously your feedback was super helpful. First of all it was simple. Second, it was understandable and hit the nail on the head."

Nancy Ortberg, Author of Seeing in the Dark

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​“Margot was easy to work with because she really 'got' who we are. She never tried to change our voice. Her suggestions were always positive: she affirmed our good work and brought out the best in us where we needed improvement, all with a light touch and sense of humor. I especially appreciated her ability to meet a tight deadline.”

Carolyn Parr, Co-author of In the Secret Service