Writing Your College Application Essay?

Don't do it!

If you're writing the college app essay as a rookie, you have no way of knowing what tired old topics essay readers are weary of reading.

And if you're not writing the essay as a rookie...well, then...something went horribly wrong the first time.

Now you can breathe easy, because Do Not Write Your College Application Essay gives you everything you need to know to write an essay that shines. In fact, at 10% standard book length, we like to think of this bulleted-outline format as having 10 times the potency. (You do the math.)

Special features include...
  • Idea Generator brainstorming exercises to help you choose a topic
  • A suggested writing plan
  • A must-use editing checklist that you can hand to a family member or friend willing to give you honest feedback on your writing
This is a must-use guide for any student writing the college app essay this year!

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Clients and Audiences are Saying...

From a Student…
“I just wanted to let you know that University of North Carolina at Wilmington accepted my application! UNCW considered essays as important as SAT scores and GPA on the application requirement therefore I think my essay helped me stand out more. This was my top choice and I appreciate all of your help!”
W.E., Raleigh, NC
From a Mom…
“Wish I'd read it last year when we were doing college apps.”
Jamie Calloway-Hanauer, Berkeley, CA
From a School Counselor…
“Last night was wonderful! We heard great feedback from parents and students. They felt informed and they really enjoyed the presentation. The East families were beyond pleased! Look forward to working with you in the future.”
Tiffany B. Robinson, School Counselor
East Chapel Hill High School
From a Teen/College Resource Consultant…
“I can’t thank you enough for all the work you did in preparing the seminar for our employees and their teens.  WOW!  So polished and professional.  So dynamic and fun!” 
Page D. Cvelich, M. Ed.
Teen/College Resource Consultant