College Application Essay Critique

Need a Critique of Your Essay?

Interested in Margot reviewing your college application essay?

Margot reviews your essay (up to 500 words) and gives you feedback detailing: what's working well in the essay and how you can strengthen it. (If the subject you've chosen is a tired overdone essay that readers have read thousands of times, Margot will give you a free "bounce back" at no extra charge: she'll simply email and offer you the opportunity to submit something more unique!)

Student has 7 days to submit a revised draft of the essay for review at no extra charge.

Subsequent rounds of feedback, after student has implemented suggested changes, are half of original fee.
​Email wordmelon (@) to connect with Margot!

*Note: You'll get the most out of your critique if you've already peeked at the FREE Editing Checklist that can be downloaded HERE. Really, do it. Then have a friend or parent review your essay using the checklist. Your essay will be better.

Students are Saying...

​“I just wanted to let you know that University of North Carolina at Wilmington accepted my application! UNCW considered essays as important as SAT scores and GPA on the application requirement therefore I think my essay helped me stand out more. This was my top choice and I appreciate all of your help!”     -W.E., Raleigh, NC 

First Generation College Student?

Are you the first student in the generations of your family to attend college? If so, Margot is already cheering you on in her heart.  If you live in Durham NC, email about how to receive a FREE essay critique.
You can typically expect a critique on your essay within 3 days.
RUSH SERVICE available for an additional fee.