​​Margot delights in supporting athletes as they share their stories. Working closely with them, listening well, and working to craft polished narratives, Margot helps clients engage with readers and powerfully communicate their messages. 
​“A tremendous THANK YOU! As busy as my life is, I simply could not have completed this 50,000 plus word project without the amazing assistance of the superbly talented writer and visionary that you are."
-Rashad Jennings; Dancing With the Stars champion & retired NFL running back
​“You were so easy to work with. Thank you for making every effort to understand my goals for this book and making it come to life. I am so proud of the messages and the lessons we share in Right on Track. Your open heart and warm spirit made this experience unforgettable. Can’t thank you enough.”
-Sanya Richards Ross; Olympic Gold Medalist and author of Right on Track

Other Projects

​​"Working with Margot exceeded my expectations.  She embraced the issues, making them her own, yet was true to my passion, expression and voice. I count it a real privilege to have had the opportunity to work with Margot."
-Dave King, Director of Athletics at Eastern Mennonite University, co-author of Overplayed
​"Margot is energetic and encouraging. She served as my editor and I use the word 'serve' with great intent. She served me in this role. She taught me how to be a better writer and gave my book a much needed lift without making me feel inferior. I have referred many friends with dreams of writing a book to Margot and will continue to. Writing is a skill that she has developed and along the way became great at teaching others how to develop. I feel blessed to have found her and to have benefited from her expertise and friendship."
-Drew Pittman, NFL Agent and author of First Team Dad
As a former kid-athlete, as well as a mom to three teenage athletes,
Margot enjoys communicating compelling stories of athletic competition and competitors.