Wondering if Your Book Idea Will Appeal to a Publisher?

Wondering if Your Book Will Appeal to a Publisher?
Checking spelling and grammar on a book proposal with fatal flaws is like putting lipstick on a pig. Before investing blood, sweat, and tears into polishing a proposal that may not be well-received by publishers, you may want experienced eyes on your pitch.
When you submit select elements of your Nonfiction Book Proposal, Margot provides you with feedback about how it will most likely be viewed by agents and publishers and what you can do to strengthen it.

Your Assessment Includes 3 parts...

(1) What Matters Most...

Margot will clue you in to what matters most to agents and  publishers...
  • Does your project have a unique premise?
  • Have you offered a compelling hook to draw in the reader?
  • Are there readers with a palpable felt-need, waiting to read this book?
  • Have you built a platform that will sell books?
  • Does the writing shine?

(2) Go, Slow, No

GO: Margot identifies what's working well about your project. She'll let you know what are currently the strongest elements.
SLOW: Margot flags areas of your proposal that need attention. She'll let you know which parts need clarification or other strengthening.
NO: Margot alerts you to anything in your proposal that could be a deal-breaker for publishers
  • Raunchy language in your memoir about meeting Jesus? Could be a deal-breaker.
  • Saying nothing new about a popular topic? Could be a deal-breaker.
  • Lots of spelling and grammar errors? Could be a deal-breaker.

(3) Next Steps

Based on where you are now, Margot will let you know what the best "next steps" to continue your journey toward publication.
"Margot's brief book proposal viability assessment was incredibly useful. For a 'brief' assessment, it was extremely detailed. As someone new to proposal writing, I benefited from Margot's expertise; she knew exactly where to focus in order to improve my writing. The assessment helped me to identify key strengths and weaknesses as well as those hard-to-identify in-between areas that need clarification. The action items at the end were an encouraging list of ideas that I look forward to implementing in order to strengthen my book proposal."
-Erin Morrow Hawley