Readers share how "Small Things" has inspired them to take one baby step toward loving their neighbors...

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Blessing Returned

"Grace shared how for a long time she drove by a certain homeless man but was always finding a reason not to stop and help. Finally she gathered up some food and practical supplies and had the courage to stop and offer these things (that we all take for granted) to this man. In doing so, he replied "God Bless You!" She was amazed that her act of kindness was met by a blessing given to HER! Cool, huh!?!"

Beelined to Neighbor's Home

"Reading your book pretty much immediately sent me across my street to my elderly neighbors house who I had put off visiting for waaaaay too long. Like I literally read your book, put it down and made a beeline over there. 
I know she is lonely although she puts up a good front. I mentioned (again ) that if she ever needed a ride to church I could take her...that I Really like my church. She responded politely at first but then as we talked she suddenly said "I did always like Good Friday services". Needless to say I'll be picking her up tomorrow evening."

Offering "Birthing Kits" to Women in Poverty

"We continue to make "birthing kits" to send to the women in poverty. To think that a sheet of plastic, 2 pieces of flannel, 2 pieces of string, a razor blade and a bar of soap, is a gift in welcoming a precious new life to the world. We take so much for granted!"