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Small is the Call

The really good news about service for folks with full lives, at Today's Christian Woman.

Engaging in the Suburbs

How your life in the 'burbs intersects with those on the margins God loves, at Relevant.

Releasing Behavior Control

Loving our neighbors might mean not trying to control their behavior, at Relevant.

When a Friend Suffers

Caring for a friend who's suffering might be more doable than you think, at FullFill.

God's Love for Exotic Dancers

Meet a remarkable woman loving dancers at strip clubs, at Hermeneutics.

My Son Throws Snowball at Neighbor With Down Syndrome

It might bother some moms, but not me..., at Amy Julia Becker's blog.

Learning to See

When we learn how to see the way God sees, at Hermeneutics.

The Kingdom Jesus Ushered In

How my friends with disabilities embody the kingdom, at Red Letter Christian.

"Adopting" Child's Culture

Does your child know, in her deep places, that the way God made her is GOOD? at Thriving Family.

When Less is More

When I got rid of 1000 things, I experienced that less is Hermeneutics.

Owning White Supremacy

​White supremacy thinking isn't just about the KKK. It's poisoned the rest of Today's Christian Woman.

Called to Suffer Together

The call of the whole Church is to suffer with those who suffer, at Hermeneutics.

Love a Muslim Neighbor

Why fearing our Muslim neighbors is NOT a Christian response, at Red Letter Christian.

House of our Dreams

Yes, I wanted a fire pole from the upstairs to the downstairs of our new home, at Fine Homebuilding

The (NOT) Dream Vaca

When the family summer vaca does NOT feel like one for mom, at MOPs Intl

Clergy Fashion Gone Wrong

Clergy women dish on fashion disasters: panty hose, stilettos and what may or may not be under the robe, Gifted for Leadership.

Mama's Mother's Day Blues

Get those high Mother's Day expectations back down to earth, at Thriving Family.

Helping Girls Speak Out

When tween girls go "underground," let them hear prophetic women's voices, at Red Letter Christian.

When you don't know what to say

Want to comfort a grieving friend? Just say something, at Today's Christian Woman.

Ornamental or Instrumental?

Thoughts on our culture's nutty insistence that women's bodies are ornamental, at Gifted for Leadership.

Theology of Jiggly Thighs

Why declining breast altitude might not be the worst thing in the world, at Hermeneutics.

Banning Photoshop

Why we need to tell the truth about photos that lie, at Hermeneutics

Bringing Booty Back

Meghan Trainor's message about women's body is ALMOST fantastic.. at Hermeneutics

Women's Unique GIftings

A few of the many ways women are uniquely built to bless the world God loves, at Gifted for Leadership.

Love the Sound Guys

He kindly looks away when you drop the lapel mike pack into unmentionable places. Gotta love the church Sound Guy.

Gender Role Field Guide

The moment to embrace traditional gender roles is the moment a heavy desk has to be lifted up a flight of stairs, says this woman at Leadership Journal.