Resources for Writers Crafting Book Proposals

I created this set of resources for writers who are preparing book proposals. They are FREE COACHING, helping you craft the strongest book proposal possible. If we work together, you'll get the most out of your proposal or manuscript evaluation if you've already implemented the suggestions you find here.

Author Inventory Before Writing Proposal

WM Author Inventory.pdf
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Book Proposal Template

Note: Even if you use a different template, this one has tips I'd whisper in your ear if I were looking over your shoulder as you worked.
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Author Marketing Section of Proposal

Author Marketing Section.pdf
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Book Proposal Checklist

WM Book Proposal CHECKLIST.pdf
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Guide to Editing Book Proposals

Note: When your proposal is as polished as it can be, this guide can help you--or a helpful friend!--catch areas where your proposal can be strengthened.
WM Proposal Editing Guide.pdf
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Guide For Writing Nonfiction "Self Help" Chapters

Note: This checklist shows you what I've coached authors to include in each chapter to best serve readers. (You're free to omit some of these, but have a good reason.)
Suggested Chapter Writing Guide PDF.pdf
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Resources for Collaborators

Your collaborative partner has just sent you a draft of the first chapter of your book. What now? Download our guide to help you offer the best kind of feedback to improve your project...
Collaboration Guide_201709_1.pdf
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