05: Recognizing God's Fidelity

The earliest human faces in your life naturally prefigured your expectations of God. So when human faces failed—when your caregivers reflected sorrow, displeasure, contempt, or absence—you feared that God was not reliable. Although this is understandable, you are now discerning that the voice insisting that God has abandoned you is not the voice to trust. Instead, the voice that can be trusted confirms, “I am here now.” In every moment, God is present with you. God sees. God hears. God knows. God cares. Even when you are where you do not want to be, God is faithfully present. God will not, and God cannot, abandon or forsake you. In every moment God gently whispers, “I am the one who is with you and for you.” As you choose to stand in the solid place, you experience God’s steadfast loving presence.