Margot is convinced that embracing who we truly are, as God’s beloved, and behaving as if others are too—by living Jesus’ love in the world—is what we're made for.

Want to love others using your unique gifts, wiring, and resources?

Let’s do this thing.

Catch Margot on the Road!

September 8; Special Needs Outreach Sunday @ Journey Church [Tuscon, AZ]
September 12-15, Academy of Christian Editors [Nashville, TN]
September 28; Westminster Presbyterian Church Women's retreat [Chapel Hill, NC]
October 4-6; ReNEW Writers Retreat [Hartford, CT]
October 12; Kings Park Women's Brunch [Durham, NC]
December 5; Trinity School Chapel [Durham, NC]
March 24-25; Writing For Your Life [Charlotte, NC]
April 15-18; Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing [Grand Rapids, MI]

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